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Jan 26, 2013 2:00pm EST
libya. the president moved and decided he was going to become engaged to nato in ways that met our interests at the time it got the job done. i thought it was smart. the way he approached that was very effective and the results were exactly what we wanted to cheat. -- achieve. we could tell if we did this -- results were exactly what we wanted to achieve. we recommended no-fly. those things were put into place. i think the american people approved of the way that was handled. we had just come out of iraq. the aftermath of all of these places, we need to spend some time on this. there is a monumental transformation taking place. this is the biggest upheaval of the bill that part of the world -- in that part of the world since the ottoman empire. many of the country's -- countries lines were drawn in relatively arbitrary ways. people were put in places of power. it is a highly sectarian, divided, tribal part of the world. i am not sure every policy has always been as sensitive or thoughtful about that as it ought to be. >> i want to clarify. on my state about libya, i was -- statemen
Feb 3, 2013 6:00am EST
balkans model with nato? and then, related to that, none of you have discussed any alternatives to the military option. obviously, nobody is saying boots on the ground. it is unclear whether that assistance program will be enough to change the tide in syria. more might be required. is there any viable option that the united states could put more pressure on to a negotiated agreement? right now, the opposition is refusing to negotiate because their bottom line is that assad has to go. if there were in his own -- negotiated transition, there is no way that bashar would win. there is no way he would get amnesty for his crimes. in the end, does it really matter? is this a viable option to go forward? >> this is how we will do it. we will ask team yes to make some comments. we will get either josh or air in a quick response. then i will ask each one of you on what you think specifically the u.s. should be doing in syria today. >> i regard obama's insistence upon remaining within the un framework as the alibi, the street is that -- these strategic alibi for doing nothing. he knows that r
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2